Continued Destruction of Heritage

In 1794 – 1802 the fertile southern banks of the Hawkesbury River between Richmond and North Richmond were invaded by European Settlers displacing the Dharug People that has cared and lived on theses land for tens of thousands of years. It is on these lands that Transport for NSW will be constructing their preferred option route. It is on these lands that the Frontier Wars between the traditional land owners and the European Settlers began. Whilst there is the memorial of the “Battle of Richmond Hill” that is located at the St John of God Richmond Hospital is noted in Professor Grace Karskens Book “People of the River” p 135 “that the location of this ‘battle’ is not known. It occurred on or near a farm, but there were no farms on Richmond Hill at the time.” The only farms in May 1795 where on the Southern River bank. See attached Map.

This is a disgrace NSW State Government and Transport for NSW.

Hawkesbury settlement Revealed. 
Hawkesbury Land grants promised in 1795.
Planning on Richmond Lowlands with an overlay of the proposed Richmond Bridge TfNSW preferred route.






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